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Salty pancakes potato in , only good for the impress guests

AI visitors to table and not know with what i have? Prepares several pancakes aperitif on that you can fill with any ai through House of the cheese meat and up to vegetables with safety will be impressed.

Ingredients for the from potato pancakes

  • 3 potatoes white
  • 150 ml milk hot
  • 250 g flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup small yogurt well defined
  • Salt
  • pepper

How are prepares potato pancakes in

Curata cartofii de coaja si taie-i cuburi. Spala-i foarte bine apoi pune-i la fiert in apa cu Salt. Cand sunt aldente, stinge focul si strecoara-i.

Then passes it-i as for the Add mashed and milk hot over . Mix good and let then to be cool up get to the temperature Chamber.

Incorporeaza apoi iaurtul si ouale batute bine. La final adauga si faina. Trebuie sa obtii un aluat gros ce poate fi luat cu polonicul. Asezoneaza totul cu Salt si pepper dupa gust.

Put a pan to hot and add a teaspoon oil. Pour pancakes with plonicul. Fry them both parts.

How are serving potato pancakes in

Serve pancakes potato in the with the stuffing cheese meat vegetable times You can server and as such with decorated chopped dill.

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