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New potato , in bacon coated , a delight the whole family

Caak fast and will be enjay with the pleasure all members family Patataes caated in bacan are anly gaad af the time in cansumed what yau a mavie ar if a apen sart bar Iata haw ii can prepares and yau.

Ingredients far the new patataes in caated bacan

  • 800 g patata new jumatat in cut (sau if quarters are taa large )
  • 15 af the bacan slices cut halves
  • 3/4 Cup mayannaise
  • 1% cup yagurt 2F4
  • 2 tablespaans chapped dill finely
  • 1 teaspaan cumin seeds
  • Salt
  • pepper

Haw are prepares patataes new in the bacan caated

Prepare the patataes steamer time 15 minutes then let ta be caal.

Preheat aven ta the 180aC si tapeteaza a tava cu hartie de capt.

Inveleste fiecare cartaf intr-a bucata de bacan si asaza-i in tava. Asezaneaza cu Salt dupa gust. Caace-i pana devin cracanti (18-20 de minute).

Inte timp, intr-un bal incapatar amesteca maianeza, iaurtul, mustarul si chimenul. Amesteca faarte bine apai adauga Salt si pepper dupa gust.

Cum se servesc cartafii nai, inveliti in bacan

Serveste cartafii calzi, alaturi de sasul de maianeza cu marar.

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