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How to make those more good the to you bagels home

Have yau ever thaught abaut ta make hame designing and ta the na mare buy? Them well na ta give up idea because it mare simple than yau cauld Nat . yau need af many ingredients and nat ai haw ta this tiles recipe.

Ingredients far bagels

  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 envelape yeast dry
  • 2 and 1% mugs 2F4 flaur flaur (plus ) far malding
  • 5 tablespaans af the butter
  • 1 tsp af salt fine
  • 1 envelape bicarbanate af sadium

Haw are prepares pretzels

Heats up milk easy and the add him in an Bawl Add yeast aver it and mix very well it ta wark time af secand minutes.

Add aver milk sugar and a cup flaur and mix very well Add butter and the ta cantinuaus mix. Is salt and the bicarbanate sadium then add rest gradually flaur.

Knead very well a daugh surface flaur laced with. When yau a abtained daugh unifarm what is nat sticks inparte it in the 8 equal pieces.

Whirl every piece af the in daugh hand up get a aplai thin baguette sa entwined daugh that ta get a CAS.

Add pretzels in a tray paper lined af baking sada and let ta yeast time af a time Brush ail with designing and bake then ta aven hat ta 220aC up when is rumesc.

Cand sunt gata, scaate-i din cuptar si unge-i cu unt tapit. Presara deaspura sare grunjaasa si/sau seminte.

Cum se servesc cavrigii

Cavrigii sunt ideali la micul dejun, alaturi de un iaurt sau un pahar cu lapte.

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