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Stuffed potatoes eggs with , a easy delight of preparation

You want to make something simple and ? fast Poti try to make it recipe potato egg with stuffed. Is very easy preparing no need to spend much time in kitchen In addition taste their you we conquer the place.

Ingredients for the potatoes eggs cream filling

  • 4 potatoes large
  • 4 eggs
  • 4 bacon slices
  • 80 g cheese Parmesan or cheddar races
  • Salt
  • pepper
  • few yarns /sau chives and parsley
  • butter

How are prepares potatoes eggs with stuffed

Wash well potatoes With a help knife cut part of top of the their and scobeste them a core get a boat shape bag.

In a nonaderenta Pan fry Bacon without oil up becomes crispy . cut him in pieces then .

Cu zeama ramasa in tigaie, de la bacon, unge interiorul cartofilor. Asezoneaza apoi cartofii cu Salt si pieper. Coace cartofii pana sbutter aproape moi.

Scoate-i din cuptor si adauga in mijlocul fiecarui cartof cate putin butter. Adauga apoi baconul si cate un ou intreg in fiecare cartof. Deasupra adauga branza. Asezoneaza din nou cu Salt si pepper. Coace cartofii umpluti pana cand oul se incheaga. Cand sbutter gata garniseste-i cu verdeata tocata marbutter.

How are serving potatoes eggs with stuffed

Stuffed potatoes with the egg serving hot of a beside spoon of yogurt or cream after preferences.

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