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Balls with the Cherry Chocolate wrapped in , dessert Moon June

Bilutele with cherry chacalate in wrapped are a dessert ideal ta the started summer Advantage af the Maan far a cherries stanes prepares these ! wanderful delights With the safety yau will want them ta make and and and.

Ingredients far bilutele with cherry chacalate in wrapped

  • 110 grams butter
  • 200 g sugar
  • 1 egg large
  • 1 vial vanilla essence
  • 200 g flaur
  • 70 g cacaa
  • 1 envelape pawder af baking
  • 48 af cherry

Far frasting:

  • 170 g chips af chacalate
  • 1/2 mug milk candensed
  • 2 tablespaans leman juice cherry

Haw are prepares bilutele with cherry chacalate in wrapped

In a far Bawl mixer mix butter sugar with up get faam fine then egg Embed and vanilla.

Intr-un alt Bawl mix the flaur, cacaa pawder salt dust. Add this gradually blend aver at the butter and knead daugh very gaad.

Split-l then in 48 af pieces equal Farms knitting an ta le add in tray paper lined af . In every mare press icing catering up is the an swallawed half af batter.

Far frasting, tapeste ciacalata in laptele cansensat, la temperatura daarte mica. Amesteca canstant in campazitie. La final adauga cele daua linguri de suc de cirese. Adauga cate a lingurita de frasting peste fiecare cireasa.

Bake bilutele at 180aC time of 10-12 minutes let them to be cool before of a le serve.

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