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Almond crust in the sugar cinnamon

Are you tired of classic almonds raw or ? salty what does try a recipe new sweet and ? aromatic Iata cat is the plain to make home almonds sugar in wrapped.

Ingredients for almonds in the sugar crust

  • 1 albus
  • a spoon water
  • 4 cups almonds raw
  • ½ cana zahar
  • ¼ lingurita sare
  • ½ lingurita scortisoara

How are prepares almonds in the sugar crust

Preheat oven at Coat assures uniform heat distribution a tray with paper of the and baking grease paper with butter or oil.

In a bowl beat easy egg whites up start to be form a foam Embed then water gradually and the to continue beating whites until becomes fluffy Add almonds and its continues mix up when these are the covered full albus.

In a separate alt sugar bowl mix with the salt cinnamon.

Sprinkle a party in sugar in tray of . Add then almonds and sprinkle rest sugar above.

Bake almonds time of a time from fire small from 15 mix in 15 minutes. When are ready eject tray from oven and let them to be cool . and then put them in a bowl and serve them.

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